I never regret at all that I attend this university

 Hello! My name is Kaniet I am a third year student at Alatoo International University. Faculty: Economics and Management, Department: International Relations. I never regret at all that I attended this university. There was no such moment when I was dissatisfied with something, because, firstly, teaching is in English, secondly, the best teachers (professionals in their field), and I want to emphasize that in our university the relationship between teachers and students are very warm and reciprocal, and thirdly, comfortable . I think this is very important. For 2 years of full-time education in this educational institution, I have embraced many good people, have found true friends, gained knowledge (but now I cannot say that I have already mastered everything, I know everything and my English is perfect ) and continue to work on my knowledge and self-development , because in our time everything can be achieved only by knowledge. In order to improve my academic skills and gain international experience, I tried to apply for an exchange at one of the universities in Lithuania. After I satisfied all the criteria, I was accepted to this university, to which I am immensely happy. Currently I am studying in Lithuania. There was not English language barrier while studying because in our university also in English. We have students from Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Slovakia, the Netherlands and Turkey in our group. Studying with foreign students is a great experience for me. Lectures are very interesting, because the atmosphere is interesting, multicultural. And in the summer of this year, I completed an internship at the micro loan company Arysh Invest and became part of the project “Understanding the Consumers of Financial Services in the Kyrgyz Republic”, which is implemented by the International Finance Corporation. Being trained in this area, I improved my knowledge in terms of financial competence, I felt in the role of an interviewer. Besides, I always try not to miss trainings, conferences, promotions, seminars and always support social initiatives.