Achievements of students

IR Students’ Incredible Success at International Conference in Kazakhstan

We are happy to share great news with you!

On April 1-2, 2019, students of International Relations department of our university – Aidai Kasymova, Aselia Bakirova, Aizhamal Usenkulova, Begimai Barktabasova, Ekaterina Mun, Kanykei Zhumabekova, Darika Muratalieva actively participated in international conference “South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University Model United Nations”(SUMUN) organized by one of the leading universities located in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

We sincerely congratulate and proud of our following students who demonstrated excellent negotiation, critical thinking and public speaking skills at the SUMUN.

Aidai Kasymova (IR-2 student) won “THE BEST DELEGATE” award at the General Assembly by demonstrating excellent performance during the conference!

Aselia Bakirova (IR-1) won “BEST POSITION PAPER” award at Economic and Social Council. She has perfectly defended her country's position and she was praised for good writing skills.

We express deepest gratitude to the Organizing Committee of SUMUN for this brilliant opportunity for students to learn more about global problems, finding new friends and for sightseeing tour in the city. All of them acquired valuable knowledge and experience.

We strongly believe that these excellent students will continue to study hard and achieve their goals!!!



Best Position Paper Award at  Nazarbayev University Model United Nations!

On February 27-28, 2016, students of International Relations department of our university Omurbek Ashimbekov, Dastan Maratov and Nursultan Maraimbekov actively took part at international conference “NAZARBAYEV UNIVERSITY MODEL UNITED NATIONS” organized by one of the best universities in the world, located in Astana, Kazakhstan. The fact that they have gone through a rigorous and robust selection process is already a success!

We sincerely congratulate and proud of

Dastan Maratov, IR-3B student, who won “BEST POSITION PAPER” award at Economic and Social Council!!! It is a great achievement!!!

Nursultan Maraimbekov (IR-2A) represented the United Kingdom at Economic and Social Council, and actively participated in discussions about the women’s rights. It was his first experience in Model UN conference, and we hope that he will not stop at this point.

Omurbek Ashimbekov (IR-3B) was a delegate of the USA at Security Council, where the strongest delegates gathered to solve the world’s most important issue – Refugee crisis in Europe. Omurbek demonstrated his knowledge of the topic and perfectly defended his country's position.

We strongly believe that these excellent students will continue to study hard and achieve their 





Aizhamal Usenkulova won “The Best Position Paper” award at the Model UN conference at the Kyrgyz Economic University named after M.Ryskulbekov

On April 6, 2019, our students from the Department of International Relations (IR) and Department of Law actively participated in the conference "Model UN KEU".

We sincerely congratulate Aizhamal Usenkulova, a first-year student at the Department of International Relations, who won “THE BEST POSITION PAPER” award at the Economic and Social Council. The effect of sanctions on humanitarian aid was on the agenda. Ayzhamal, as a delegate of India, demonstrated her knowledge in this field and perfectly defended her country's position.

Many of the students who participated in this conference are already experienced MUNers and share their knowledge and expertise with other students. Among them, Ilyas Akhmadov and Nadyrbek Avazbekov (one of the founders of the Ala-Too Model UN). They are final year students of IR department and have already become masters of their craft; they preside in almost all UN models in Kyrgyzstan. In KEU MUN, Ilyas Akhmadov was the Chair of the General Assembly, where Begimay Barskabasova, a first-year student, was a co-chair. Nuraiym Toktombaeva (IR, 3rd year) coordinated the work of the Security Council as a co-chair.

Delegates: The 3rd year students of the department of Law Dastan Aitbekov (The best speaker of the Human Rights Committee of the Ala-Too MUN 2019) and Erbolot Nurlan uulu; Kairylai Abdullaeva (IR, 3rd year, co-chair of Ala-Too MUN 2019), Aidarbek Kamilov (IR, 3rd year), Adinai Amangeldieva (IR, 4th year) and others. All of them perfectly demonstrated their diplomatic skills.

We wish further success to all participants! We are very proud of these wonderful students!


Our students at Tashkent International Model UN Conference 2019


Students of International Relations Department Diana Bekibaeva, Nuraiym Toktombaeva and Kairylai Abdullaeva attended TIMUN Conference from 28 to 30 of March 2019. TIMUN is the biggest conference of this kind, out of 1999 applicants, 500 delegates participated in the debates organized by Westminster International University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  Each delegate has gone through a rigorous and robust selection process.

Diana Bekibaeva represented Mexico at Security Council, was actively engaged in hot debates and gave recommendations for resolution.

Kairylai Abdullaeva and Nuraiym Toktombaeva have proposed their own resolution at the Economic and Security Council on anti-corruption methods in education system. Kairylai as a delegate from China has done thorough research to address rebuttals from other countries. Together with Nuraiym and other delegates they offered their vision on the fight against corruption in educational institutions.

After the conference, TIMUN Secretariat stated “All committees were working on finding the most appropriate and applicable solutions to the most vulnerable problems of the world. These solutions were stated in resolutions at all committees. After successful adaptation of the resolutions, final summary of the hot debates in these 2 days, delegates proceeded to closing ceremony, which included cultural performances of such countries like Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, and of course hosting country – Uzbekistan”.

We are very grateful to TIMUN Organizing Committee for warm welcome and support to our students!